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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." i'm beyond disappointed, i'm disgusted. >> known to cause cancer and develop opment al problems in children but approved to be sprayed on strawberry fields near schools. the chemicals and the precautions necessary to keep people safe. two cities fighting for one baseball team. who just missed a fat hanging curve ball in the battle between oakland and san jose. the sacramento kings head to a different kind of court. why they are taking action from the basketball court to the courtroom. ♪ [ music ] . >> he is the voice of a legendary rock group "the who." the ground-breaking treatment that saved his voice. good evening, i'm dana king. ken bass teed a is on
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assignment tonight. it's a pesticide known to cause cancers but the state has given permission to tea spray it on our fruits and vegetables. it is called me they'll iodide. the fight against using it. >> reporter: here in watsonville, the strawberry capital of the world. that's ba hair a valley high school in the distance, a few gusts of wind away from the strawberries feels. the students and teachers and parents are an agree. >> i'm be advertise gusted. >> reporter: the me they'll iodide is replacing me they'll borrow made and works the same way killing bugs in the soil. translateing into big, cheap and plenty full beer reels. but jenn las kin says nine of their campuses are right next to strawberry fields. >> absolutely 100% definitely,
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it endangers anybody that lives in the county. >> they have linked it to miss carriages and cancer so they would require them to tarp the fields and catch it in the soil. they are proposing stricter buffer zones around areas like schools, holmes and hospitals. >> would you eat a strawberry. >> why not say we like it or we heat it? >> we, it's not our job to evaluate the science to make a determination, we rely on organizations like the u.s. e.p.a. and the department of pesticide regulation whose have the scientists who have the basis for making those evaluations. >> reporter: nonetheless, high school students are concerned. >> something can always go wrong. not is perfect. sometimes we spray it on the fields, won't don't to be breathing pesticides and we want the field to be natural. >> assemblyman bill monta of monterey is one of the biggest
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opponents, he says he'll wait for governor elect jerry brown to take office and see what he has to say about it. he said he might r might introduce a moratorium. but if there is no delays we'll see it used summer and fall of next year. in watsonville, kiet do. oakland police have just release dollars sketches of people wanted in the deaths of two women. they were last seen driving it. he approached her robert her at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her. she was forced to take them back to her apartment where they sexually assaulted and robbed the woman's two roommates a rebarred is offered for those.
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an apparent break threw in the bush era tax cut debate could open the unemployment benefits. it expired for 2 million last night and a mile i don't know more if congress doesn't act. california would be among the states hardest hit with more than half losing benefits. >> unless you've been in our shoes you can't know the despair we feel knowing that we have used our best efforts and reached the end of the line. >> the republicans refuse to act on any items until they have prevented the tax increase. but they'll vote to approve a temporary extension of tax cuts for everyone. the president wanted a ceiling of $250,000 for family. they are pushing to include an extension of unemployment benefits as part of the cost agreement. well democrats have picked another issue to focus on for
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the time being. immigration. joe vasquez on the debate klesla now have on the dream act which would give some young people a chance for citizenship. >> reporter: at oakland's east lake ymca young people attend an after school event called a homies dinner. to attempt to improve their lives. but some are facing a huge hurdle. some are not american sit accepts. >> i want to make college, that's my dream. >> meet 16-year-old ricky. his parents brought him over from mexico when he was 10, he has an a average and wants to be anening some day. >> this grade point average i have, i'm taking two ap classes, i'm in the 11 th grade taking ap calculus. >> but even if he finishes college he would have a tough time finding work without the proper papers. that's why democrats are trying to pass legislation called the dream act. it would allow a path to
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citizenship for those who were minors when they crossed the border as long as they go to school or do military service. >> my dad works, i lost my mom, been a constant struggle. >> i don't think they have any intention of passing this. it's just pure pandering. >> rick at man of the new group called tea party the immigrant tea party. >> what do you say to that kid? you left out he didn't know what his real immigration status was and that this future einstein might find a cure for cancer. >> we actually talked to a real kid who had this situation. >> i'll answer you seriously now. there is a lot of individual stories, all of which are compelling, and i understand that. i am sympathetic to those kids that came here as children through no fault of their own. but the discussion doesn't end there. there needs to be a way to
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address that without throwing the borders open to everyone. >> reporter: the lame duck congress is expected to vote on the dream act soon, perhaps as soon as next week. it has a very slim chance of passing. joe vasquez, cbs5. professional golf said today that transgender females can play in tournaments for women. it comes after a lawsuit by lana lawless. lawless h was born a man but had a sex change operation in 2005. the lpga wouldn't let her play in a tournament in 2008 because she wasn't born female. yesterday members voted to change that policy. talk about your battle of the bay. tonight oakland is upping the ante in its bid to keep the a's in town. that as a deadline passed for san jose today. the city that has also been working hard on luring the team to the south bay. robert liles shows us how oakland fans are going to bat for the a's.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: it's the chant a's fans want sent from city hall to the commissioner of baseball's ears. >> i would rather see ground broke in oakland before another world series comes. >> reporter: so they have made signs, t-shirts, whatever it takes to keep the boys of sumner oakland, not south bay. >> if it doesn't take off, it is a civic disaster for oakland. >> reporter: victory court wants a dead end street, but a group of boosters want to turn the street to nowhere in to a 39,000 seat boulevard to a waterfront stadium. >> let's send a message to major league baseball that oakland is serious about this. >> reporter: for two years lou wolf, owner, has tried to transplant anywhere but oakland. >> oakland has been to bat many times, struck out every time. there is no project in oakland. we're ready to go in san jose,
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we have a site, environmental review. lou wolf wants to come here, makes sense. >> they are doing everything they can possible to make sure the city of oakland is not astutable place for the a's. >> fundamentally raisist stereotype of this city. >> reporter: so the head of the planning commission tonight, where the impact of a new stadium is underway. >> i may ask some of you to just leave the room. >> reporter: so many fans wanted to weigh in most found that they were ushered out to wait and watch from another room. >> this is just an environmental impact report but people need to see and understand that there is a lot of people that want this ball park here. >> reporter: in oakland, robert liles, cbs5. and other bay area headlines now. three concord teenagers are accused of breaking into a chicken co-op at al a mop take elementary school and killing two chick enterprises. the custodian found the birds dead 8:30 in the morning. four other chickens were found unharmed running free on campus. it appears the chickens were
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strangled to death. san francisco is looking at a plan to charge cars to come in and out of the city from the peninsula. it would be $3 each way. the cars would be billed through fast-track type devices and cameras recording license plates, it could raise 60 to $80 million a year. the city's transportation agency is studying the plan and it wouldn't go into effect until 2015 at the earliest. santa clara county law enforcement has a gift for anyone who might end up in jail. turn yourself in and avoid jail time. it is called "operation second chance." beginning today those with non- violent misdemeanor or traffic warrants can walk into a police station and get a citation with a new court date and avoid jail. felony warrants, though, do not qualify. this offer runs through december 31st. the kings go to court, the lawsuit they are now filing, all over a piece of exercise
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equipment. >> to me it's very much about that might tampa bay last time you do it and so just give it all you got. he is known for having one of the best screams in the history of rock. how doctors saved the voice of the front man of "the who." and while he had highs, 61 degrees in gilroy, it will be warmer in some neighborhoods tomorrow. others will be wet. pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues. [ female announcer ] safeway talks the main course. mmm. you smell that? yeah, wait. what is that? love. smells like ham. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life.
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wrist, when one burst. now his team is suing. a lot of people use those giant exercise balls. an nba player says he probing his wrist when one burst and now his team is suing. sacramento kings player francisco garcia says the ball gave way when he was laying on it and lifting weights, the ball sold under the name gym nick and is advertised as burst- resistant. they are seeking $4 million, that's how much they say they paid garcia during the 57 games he missed because of the injury. >> there is information that we have that the manufacturer and one of the distributors has been sued maybe a half dozen times starting from 2000, there is a lawsuit in colorado, there is a lawsuit in san diego, there is a lawsuit in tennessee, there is a lawsuit in new york.
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where they were sued over events where the ball failed. so they know that this is something that is going to happen. >> that ball has since been banned from the kings training room. a legendary rock star was in danger of losing his most important instrument, his voice. but he discovered a ground breaking treatment that got him back onstage. lisa segal shows us the medical advances helping many people sing and speak again. >> my mates used to tell me i was good all the way through my career i've never liked my voice. >> reporter: until it was almost taken away. it was december of last year, the end of six weeks on tour, 30 shows. >> suddenly my voice wasn't behaving in the normal way. i could kind of hit, and it was becoming hard work to sing. >> reporter: just six weeks before the super bowl one of the biggest performances of his career, he recalls it could
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have been the end of. >> people that i used to go to their concerts were showing up in my office. >> reporter: he went under the care of stephen giselle. >> reporter: julie an degrees, cher, now departmental tree would be add todd the list. >> when he came in there were changes that were just the typical changes one would see but other surface changes on his vocal chords so there's evidence of precancerous displays ya. >> reporter: it was the week before christmas he went in for surgery. >> i had weeks of silence. >> reporter: but weeks later, this. [ singing ] >> what was great about that, that was like the early days of ároll. for me it's very much about that might tampa bay last time you do it so just give it all you got. >> reporter: roger daltry is
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not alone. the doctor estimates there are almost a million people that have problems with their voice. it's why departmental tree, and degrees and tyler are joining to support the institute of voice and laing following. >>st state of the art has advanced so quickly in the last decade that the majority of things that are wrong can be actually fixed. >> reporter: with just one simple injection in the vocal cord the gel will make the cord vy breathe like sit supposed to allowing somebody to talk normally for the first time in decades. >> we'll give people who have no voice, a voice box, a voice at the end. that's going to be an extraordinary achievement. >> she also reports roger departmental tree's doctor tells him he is going to keep on sipping until he is 80 years old. that's good news for fans of the who. >> you one of them roberta. >> i was telling you during the
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story, i remember seeing a story and dana went "you're that old." look at it like this. they are that young. the monarch butter flies have been flying to harden historic farms so they can roost, reproduce. they do that annually because they like the weather in fremont where currently it is 42 degrees at arden, arden wood historic farms. and it looks like tonight overnight it won't be as cold as it has been in recent nights. temperatures in the 40s and 50s due to the blanket of high and middle clouds streaming overhead. you'll wake up to those with an official sun up at 7:06. the area of low pressure is producing the rain that is now gathering across the northern section of the state of california and this frontal boundary has now begun to slide ever so slightly in a southerly direction. it has been stationary because it has been blocked by the huge dome of high pressure due east. now our pinpoint forecast
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paints the rain into sonoma county, by lunchtime, wrap it around the eastern portion of our district, could be over playing it just a little built. you get the flavor. carry an umbrella to be on the safe side for your thursday. cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. highs going up ever so slightly into the low 60s. in san jose, santa clara, sunnyville, cupertino. we have a very slight chance of rain from that stationary front on friday, lesser chances sunday remaining cloudy. from another system rolling this way, short waive, we have a chance of showers sunday through tuesday. but just chances. that's how'd the sky looked today. thank you to katie, otherwise known as yon zee on twitter for sending this great picture to i had no idea she was my pal on twitter until she tweeted me. >> okay. >> if anyone can talk i'll do it. >> voice or no voice. all right.
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thanks roberta. in sunnyvale tonight hanukkah arrived in a big way. cha bad of sunnyvale lit a minora made of ice. east bay ice sculptor carved it as people watched. each year they get a different scene. they have been made out of canned goods and thousands of pennies later given to charity. what, if you context and drive because your car wouldn't let you. the technology that could make that happen. >> pinpoint weather sponsored by mancini sleepworld ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is an aerial view of oakland's city hall tonight, where you can see the top of it cities across the country today marked the annual world aids day. this is an aerial view of oakland city hall tonight where you can see the top of it is lit in red. oakland is alameda county's most popular city and has the highest proportion of aids cases than any other city in the county. this is san francisco's city hall earlier this evening also bathed in red. around the nation aids day is
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observed and aimed at raising awareness of the aids pandemic. it has killed 24 million people worldwide since 1981. more than 33 million people are living with hive right now. the fans are looking at technology that would make it impossible to drive while talking on your cell phone. specifically, they are evaluating software that would disable mobile phones while inside vehicles. it would activate when cars reached a certain speed. right now there are no federal laws against driving and using a cell phone. distracted drives have driving caused at least 5500 deaths lat year. >> reporter: they haven't started a single game but the 'niners two backs already have nick names. pat the bat is back. ,, > >> a three run homer.
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pat burrel ,, caused at least 5500 deaths last ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ing to come back f "eyewitness news" is brought to you by rei. >> how great was it to play for the giants? last week aubrey huff told me that pat burrell was ready to come back for peanuts. >> i said sign, it's your turn, he said i don't care i'll play for 400 grand. i know the players wouldn't be happy but --
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>> i'm guessing aubrey huff had a little influence on this one. the mercury news report says burrel has agreed to a one-year contract with san francisco. burrell was in the unemployment line last year when the giants decided to take a chance. he had 18 home runs, drove in 51 home runs, he was a huge reason why the giants over came the padres to win the national league west. frank gore done for the season the 49ers have gone from a one-back workhorse to brian westbrook and anthony dixon. mike singletary summed it up like this. >> kind of a thunder and lightning. >> i definitely like to drive the ball home a little bit so -- >> i'm on one end of the spectrum and he is the other. he is young, exciting, he is full of something. >> meanwhile check out frank gore's body. he suffered torn acl's in both knees while in college, major shoulder surgery in his rookie season with the 49ers.
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in 2007 broke his right hand. sprained ankles caused him to miss three years. and now the broken hand. mike singletary said gore's injury won't require surgery. they say that's highly unusual for broken hip. the aliens have landed in san diego anyway. san diego state took a 14-2 lead over st. maries. the gaels rob jones transferred from the university of san diego to st. mary's. game high 17. but they are a big ticket item. ranked 17th in the country. d.j. kay hits a jump shot, 69-55 is the final, san diego state, home of roberta gonzales are 7- 0. >> ooh ooh ooh. >> 74-62, the dons sneaked past holy names. lebron james makes his return to cleveland tomorrow night.
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one cavalier can't wait. >> he said yesterday you'll step on his throat. you'll have no trouble doing that in need be. >> without a shadow of a doubt. ill go right at them. >> they call mascot champ. you'll get no argument from me after sha shot right there. >> line 'em up. >> michael jordan's son marcus looking like the old man, 18 points central florida stunned. they won 57-54. not traveling roberta. you every get your hand caught in the cookie jar? tony allen got just that. the hawks beat the gris. number 1. do the clippers matter? blake rip yen is the talk of l.a. i'm sorry kobe. even baron davis grease that griffin is becoming a show- stopper t clippers beat san antonio, griffin had 31 points, 13 rebounds, the clippers are still 4-15. >> yeah you know. they could use a little showtime. >> baron has missed 10 games because of injury. he is back tonight.
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they got a long way to come back but blake griffin is a player. >> michael jordan's son is not that tall. >> yeah. there's another brother not good as him but he can play. >> got the moves. we'll be reinprecht back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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